"Fashion is an adventure of joy and an expression of self. Clothes call to an individual and connect you creatively to your soul. To design the timeless favorites that one pulls out of their closet repeatedly; that a person knows makes them feel and look their best and fuses into their way of living, is rewarding as a fashion designer."

Saundra Saulnier- Style Sage


Saundra Saulnier knew as a little girl that she would be a fashion designer. Taught to sew by her dressmaker grandmother, the French Canadian native designed and sketched all of her clothes, took classes in art and pattern making, and studied the world of retail to gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse aspects of the fashion business.

After an auspicious beginning to her career as a buyer for a contemporary four-store chain in Montreal, Saundra became a merchandiser for the Canadian division of Esprit de Corps. Being a natural entrepreneur, she launched her first company, PYRAMID in Hong Kong. This contemporary clothing collection was sold in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia, and reached sales of $5 million the first year. Saundra enjoyed equal success with her sleek SAULNIER/NO LOGO collection. In this collection she combined her devotion to exercise and health and her passion for design throughout five years of substantial design and fabric development to create a line of stylish yet functional performance and lifestyle clothing pioneering the active/athleisure Lifestyle brands and product to follow.

The SAULNIER/NO LOGO collection, which was sold in stores such as Henri Bendel and Barneys Japan, succeeded in elevating Saundra's profile. She had helped revolutionize the specialized active market through performance cross-functional clothing with a modernized, ready-to-wear, more fashionable fit, and streamlined look. Her expertise in the specialized active market and her revolutionary spirit led to an offer from Danskin to update their image and product.

Recognizing Saundra's unmistakable design talent in everything from dresses to menswear, BebeSport offered her the newly created role of Design Director and relocated her from New York to Los Angeles in 2004.

Her visionary style, extensive industry experience, and expertise in trends, color, fabric, and creating collections from concept through production, were a matchless fit with this lifestyle brand. Saundra was also the originator of BebeSport's active apparel brand BBSP, increasing sales 64% in the first year.

After years of producing 80-piece collections every six weeks and overseeing her design team, in 2007 Saundra started Ultrakat Productions Inc., a full-service design consulting company with client's worldwide.

Saundra now resides in Los Angeles after living in Paris, France for 5 years. From 2009 to 2011 she worked as Head of Design for Tally Weijl Paris, creating their career and evening collections. She restructured the design team and increased gross profit.

She also created her SZ brand, sleek, simple, Easy-Wear Easy-Care, Easy-Buy clothing to be sold in interactive automative retail machines.

Through Ultrakat Productions Inc., she has continued to work with both startup and established brands from active/athleisure to contemporary mens and womens collections creating innovative bestselling product utilizing her global resources and expertise.


Ultrakat Productions Inc. is a full service clothing design, development & production studio that takes you from Conception through Completion.

Whether you are a start-up or an established brand we immerse into your DNA brand story to create fresh best-selling next-level product throughout all clothing categories.

As the Founder/Design Director of Ultrakat Productions Inc., I bring you my extensive industry knowledge paired with my passionate creativity and vision to help you build your clothing company from scratch or revitalize your existing brand, no matter how big or small you are.

With a global design industry reputation for featuring cutting-edge fabrics as well as a sharp eye for identifying new trends and innovations we support your business strategies and execute authentic design direction each season.

In addition to full-service product design we offer you the right reputable worldwide vendor partners for fabrics, trims, graphics and factories plus garment industry business direction from costing to sales.

Please contact me for a discovery call and we can discuss how Ultrakat Produc tions Inc. can best help your needs for your brand.

Your Success is our Success.

Saundra Saulnier
Founder/Creative Director

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